Paskong Pilipino 2014

The 39th Paskong Pilipino was held on December 6, 2014 at St. Joseph Parish Church in New Hope and as expected, it was a huge success. Paskong Pilipino is an annual event geared toward our community's youth, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents in the annual talent show. 

And as part of the Filipino tradition, we feature our "Lolo and Lola" to symbolize the respect for our elders that is a cornerstone of Filipino culture. The youth are encouraged to participate as they approach "Lolo and Lola," saying, "mano po" they take the elder's right hand, touching the back of Lolo and Lola's right hand to their foreheads, a traditional Filipino gesture of "blessing." Of course, Santa Claus took time from his busy Christmas schedule to deliver gifts to the children in attendance. 

Pinoy dishes such as Pancit, Adobo, Menudo and rice, along with the popular pinoy deserts, simply known as "kakanins," were served to all those who came, courtesy of our generous donors.

Vendors had the chance to sell their specialties, and their participation added to the spice and success of the event.

The Paskong Pilipino has become a household name in our community because it is where children from our community have come together over the years to keep real Filipino Christmas traditions alive. Many of those who grew up coming to the Paskong Pilipino in past years now have their own children who can participate, carrying on our traditions not only as Filipinos, but as Filipino Minnesotans.  

This year's event had new participants, talents, committee members, vendors, and ideas that contributed to making it even more successful. This is Fil-Minnesotan Association's goal: to make Paskong Pilipino better and more enjoyable for everyone each year.