Fil-Minnesotan Association

Our Mission:

To Serve.


The Fil-Minnesotan Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing socio-civic, educational, cultural and artistic opportunities to the community it is committed to serve.


About Us

Our organization is proud to celebrate 66 years of service to the Filipino Minnesotan community. We have dedicated our service to bringing Philippine culture and heritage and continue to serve over 14,000 Filipino Minnesotans statewide.

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FMA 2nd Quarter

Board Meeting

April 27, 2019


History of FMA

In 1952, several Filipino graduate students at the University of Minnesota met and discussed forming a cultural and social organization. By 1953, the group had grown to 12 students who organized themselves into the Fil-Minnesotan Association.

Over the years, FMA has had the honor of hosting several notable Filipinos, such as Miss Universe Gloria Diaz, The Vice Consul of the Philippine Consulate in Chicago, Philippine Vice President Fernando Lopez, and Former President of the UN General Assembly Carlos P. Romulo.

Today, the Fil-Minnesotan Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and continues to serve the community of over 14,000 Filipino Minnesotans statewide. 

Our Programs

Cultural / Artistic Presentation

  • Paskong Pilipino

  • EasterFest

  • Debutantes Ball

  • Klasika

Community Service

  • Consular Services

  • Feed My Starving Children

Youth Activities

  • Camping

  • Caroling


  • Newsletter

  • Souvenir Program

  • Website

  • Social Media


  • FRED Talks

  • Tagalog Classes

Sports & Leisure

  • Tennis

  • Golf

  • Basketball


FMA Seniors

Officers And Board Members 2018



Our goal is to create a friendly community for young Filipino-Americans. Accepting and loving one's Filipino heritage can be difficult among this western culture, that is why we believe it is important to help teens discover the value of diversity. Our group is open to anybody yet we always share at least one thing in common, that is in some way, shape, or form being or knowing a Filipino has changed our lives. It keeps us connected as we come from around the state, going to different schools and leading very different lives. 

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