Paskong Pilipino

by Lita V. Malicsi

FMA’s Paskong Pilipino is 39 years old this year, and shows no sign of slowing down.

It’s more vibrant than it ever used to be. The yearly celebration is held every first Saturday 

of December at the St. Joseph Church in New Hope from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. As always,

this greatly-attended and much-anticipated event brings the community together in a spirit 

of fellowship and goodwill. Through the years, it has become a forum for Filipinos looking for 

a renewal of traditional customs and cultures, plus the chance to meet new Kababayans and 

strengthen existing bonds with old friends in the community.


Angels and shepherds are now being signed up by excited parents for the Nativity Scene, the 

highlight of the afternoon. Questions always asked : Who will be the Virgin Mary? The St. 

Joseph? The Three Kings? The Drummer Boy? Talent Show performers are expected to display 

their artistic skills. Quite a draw for parents and relatives as they watch their little ones with 

sustained amusement! Other must-not-miss highlights : Santa’s Surprise,“Pabitin,” “Manuhan.”

Dinner for everyone follows the show. ADMISSION IS FREE! This is FMA’s holiday treat !

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!


One irresistible part of the event is the presence of tiendas - rows of tiendas filling the hallways.

Every table is loaded with mouth-watering fiesta foods, kakanins, native delicacies! Crowds mill 

around shopping for food. 


FMA extends its invitation to all children to participate in the Nativity Scene (tableau) and/or 

the talent show. For more information, please call:

Michelle Tan, Chair 206-228-4877

Jocelyn Quebral, President 651-739-4416

Lita Malicsi, Director 612-861-2397