Fil-Minnesotan Youth Organization

We are the Filipino Minnesota Youth Organization, or FMYO. Our goal is to create a friendly community for young Filipino-Americans. Accepting and loving one's Filipino heritage can be difficult among this western culture, that is why we believe it is important to help teens discover the value of diversity. Our group is open to anybody yet we always share at least one thing in common, that is in some way, shape, or form being or knowing a Filipino has changed our lives. It keeps us connected as we come from around the state, going to different schools and leading very different lives. 

Thus far has been another great year for FMYO. What makes us strong is the bond between our members; we met new friends that will certainly last. Our events consisted of fundraising, like our winter caroling, and volunteering. Service to our community and giving back to it is an important aspect of FMYO, with events such as Feed My Starving Children and our participation in cleaning up Minneapolis parks to name a few. Our official year is coming to a close and elections for new officials are coming up on October 4th. However we still have plenty of time to volunteer, have fun, or both! 


Contact FMYO to become involved, we will enjoy having you.


FMYO Officers:

Jucel Zerna - President

Max Lubansky - Vice President

Nicholle Nacionales - Treasurer

Michelle Abdon - Secretary

Gabe Amor - Public Relations Officer